Dance perfromances

As a wheelchair dancer, dancing at the highest international level, I love to share my passion. That is why I not only travel the world to compete, but also to perform at events.

I already performed at the following events:

  • openings ceremony of the Asian Youth Paragames in Bahrein
  • performance led by Marc Bogaerts on behalf of Dragone group
  • guest performance Dancing with the stars The Nederlands
  • Catwalk to Rio organized by the Belgian Paralympic Committe
  • Ketnet
  • TV Limburg
  • Iedereen beroemd – één
  • Solidanza
  • promotion video Danspunt for “international day of dance”

You can book me for a: performance, workshop, private lesson

performance in Bahrein at the Asian Youth Paragames
performance "dancing with the stars Holland"
performance at "Catwalk to Rio" event organized by Belgian Paralympic Commitee