I’m Sofie Cox, Vice-European champion wheelchair dancing, public speaker and occupational therapist from Belgium.

I was born with Spina Bifida. 
From the day I was born, I have learned to fight, from my dreams, my future and my life. While they told my parents I would not be able to walk, a normal education would be too difficult and I would have bad motor skills. I decided to create the life I wanted.

Wheelchair dancing

As a wheelchair dancer, dancing at the highest international level, I love to share my passion. 
You can book me for a:
performance, workshop or private lesson.

Public speaker

With my story of strength, perseverance and how to become bigger than your obstacles, I inspire people from all over the world. 


As an experience expert and occupational therapist, we search together to find a solution to your problem in the field of accessibility, adjustments, tools and sport and leisure options.

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